The global sensor market reached US $60billion in

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In 2010, the global sensor market reached more than US $60billion

according to the market report recently released by intechnoconsulting, a consulting company, the global sensor market capacity was US $50.6 billion in 2008. It is expected that the market scale of life ball sensors that can ensure the accuracy of impact testing and prolong the use of equipment will reach more than US $60billion in 2010. Worldwide, the fastest growing sensor market is still the automotive market

"Without sensor technology, there will be no modern automobile; it has become the consensus in the industry, which means that the more developed the automotive electronics and the higher the degree of automation, the greater the dependence on sensors. Industry experts believe that in the future, new automotive application systems will give birth to new automotive sensors. The biggest feature of sensors is the continuous introduction of new technologies to develop new functions. The general development trend of automotive sensor technology in the future is miniaturization and multi-function And intelligence

the Chinese market is a fertile ground for the development of automotive sensors. In recent years, China's sensor market has been growing continuously. According to the latest survey data released by Jishi information, the annual compound growth rate of China's automotive sensor market sales during the year will exceed 35%, and it is estimated that the Chinese market sales in 2009 will be close to US $1.05 billion, a year-on-year increase of 40.5%; In 2010, it will exceed USD 1.32 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 35.2%

through systematic on-site data collection and comparative analysis, guopiyi's team shows that the fence type aluminum based lead alloy composite anode plate is better than the traditional lead based alloy anode plate.

industry experts are optimistic about the development prospect of automotive sensors in China. They believe that the increase in the number of cars and the number of sensors used in each car determine that the capacity of China's automotive sensor market will continue to increase, and China's sensor market is entering a period of vigorous development

however, compared with foreign sensor industry, China's automotive sensor industry has not yet formed an independent industry. Since the 1980s, China's automobile industry has introduced foreign advanced technology and its supporting sensor production technology, which basically meets the supporting needs of domestic small batch and low-level models. The self-supporting sensors of China's automobile industry are only some low-grade products. Automotive sensors are secondary supporting products for vehicle manufacturers and must be supplied to vehicle manufacturers in the form of systems. When China's engine electronic control system is imported from abroad, its corresponding sensors are also imported into China

the overall level of automotive sensors in China is low, and many sensors, especially high-level automotive sensors, still rely on imports. Contact person in China: Wang Zhennei's sensor market is dominated by international parts giants such as Siemens and Honeywell, and the development of domestic automotive sensor industry is slow

insiders believe that China's sensor enterprises' production technology and progress are so rapid due to the ldquo; Blast furnace dismantling movement rdquo; At present, the production scale does not meet the requirements of the automotive industry for high-tech, and more than 500000 sets of high-performance automotive sensors are imported every year. Compared with similar foreign products, the level of domestic automotive sensor products has a difference of more than 10 years. In addition, the development trend of miniaturization, multifunction, integration and intelligence of automotive sensors puts forward higher requirements for the adoption of new processes and the development of new materials. A variety of sensors such as magnetic sensors, gas sensors, force sensors, thermal sensors, photoelectric sensors and lasers have emerged. The materials of sensors have also developed from metals to semiconductors, ceramics, optical fibers and other materials. In these aspects, there is a huge gap between domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises

at present, with the upgrading of automotive technology, domestic and foreign enterprises have listed automotive sensor technology as a high technology to be developed. Miniaturization, intelligence, non-contact measurement and meas sensing technology will gradually replace the traditional mechanical, strain gauge, sliding potentiometer and other sensing technologies. Automotive sensors will make major breakthroughs in safety, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence. The performance competition among major sensor manufacturers will improve the technical content of automotive sensors, reduce production costs, promote a new technological revolution and promote the development of automotive sensor industry

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