The hottest spot rubber price in Asia continued to

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The spot rubber price in Asia continued to rise (January 7)

on January 7, the spot rubber price in Asia continued to rise, and the quotation of many grades of rubber was higher than US $3000 per ton, which was again hindered by the rainfall in Thailand

the Singapore Trade Executive said the market rose due to bullish futures and strong fundamentals. He believed that the spot price of rubber should have risen further, but the futures market fell in the afternoon, pressured by profit taking

an official from Thailand said that Tong Thai nabon sold 600 tons of rubber at a price of US $3020 per ton. The FOB benchmark was until it broke, and the shipping date was January

rss3 quotation of Thai No.3 cigarette glue shipped in January/February is US cents/kg, and 6 cents/kg

thailand, which shipped in January/February, quoted us $20/kg and US $6/kg for the national tire grade standard rubber STR after excluding the above reasons

the price of Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in January/February is 295.40 cents/kg, and 6 cents/kg

malaysia tire grade standard shipped in January/February, SMR20 quotation in April this year, 6 cents/kg

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