Beijing will focus on supporting the packaging and

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Beijing will focus on supporting the packaging and printing industry. In the recently released Beijing government work report, Beijing Mayor Wang Qishan pointed out that the development outline of the packaging and printing industry should be formulated and implemented, with the goal of "building Beijing into the largest printing base in China"

the printing and packaging industry in Beijing has a long history. In 1965, Beijing Second Light Industry Bureau took the lead in setting up a professional operation of packaging and decoration printing in China. It is strictly forbidden to change the mandrel and change the angle and speed regulation. The company is active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials all over the world - Beijing packaging and decoration industry company. This is a decisive step in the industry management of packaging and printing in big cities. At present, Beijing has more than 180029.42 printing enterprises with a certain degree of difficulty in the process of commercialization, with more than 90000 employees

for more than ten years, although the book printing and packaging printing in Beijing have been developing rapidly, the packaging and printing industry has developed faster. Beijing plans to increase the printing of books and periodicals by 7% and the packaging and printing by 15% every year in the future

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