Supporting wind power equipment for flange process

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Daming heavy industry flange processing supporting wind power equipment

in November last year, Daming heavy industry successfully completed the processing of supporting 6MW (MW) offshore wind power hub of American GE company, and the machining strength of Daming heavy industry has been recognized by customers in the wind power industry. Subsequently, Daming heavy industry also passed the audit of a well-known domestic ring forging manufacturer and launched the cooperation in the wind power flange business

Daming heavy industry flange processing supporting wind power equipment

this customer specializes in manufacturing flanges and forgings, and holds a large market share in the wind power flange industry. He hopes to take advantage of Daming heavy industry's outstanding machining strength to jointly seize opportunities in domestic and foreign markets. Recently, this batch of wind power flange parts are being machined by Daming heavy industry. The processing process is smooth. For example, the stretching amount of 25m aluminum alloy profile should be about 25cm after the profile is straightened, and the inspection results are excellent

extended reading: under the dual pressure of the global energy trend of fast and slow tightening and energy conservation and emission reduction, wind, as a new layman power generation, has become a rapidly developing energy project. The data shows that in 2015, the world's offshore wind power alone added 1000MW of installed capacity, with a year-on-year increase of more than 300%. At the beginning of 2016, the National Energy Administration solicited opinions on the 13th five year plan for renewable energy development (Draft for comments), and put forward the following guiding opinions: by 2020, the proportion of non fossil energy in total energy consumption will reach 15%, by 2030, it will reach 20%, and the new investment during the 13th Five Year Plan period will be about 2.3 trillion yuan. Among them, wind power generation is 250million kW

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