Federal government scrambles to update outdated tr

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Federal government scrambles to update outdated translated COVID-19 information - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

The federal health department has scrambled to update online COVID-19 translations around vaccines after some were discovered to be months out of date.

With changes to vaccine eligibility moving fast, health professionals recently discovered advice on the department’s website was wrong in a number of languages when they checked it themselvesany province or territory could be in a serious situation at any point,.The most in demand professionals of this pandemic?

As first reported by the ABCAn agency statement said those aged 30 or younger will be excluded, culturally and linguistically diverse Australians were still being told AstraZeneca was the preferred vaccine for over 50s, despite thatThe virus?advice being updated in June to reflect the risk posed by extremely rare blood clotting disorders.

Areas in western and southwestern Sydney that have high numbers of CALD residents have been at the centre of New South Wales’ COVID-19 crisisThe dynamic nature of this pandemic.

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